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Tech Startups

Move fast without getting breached

Zip is the fastest way to implement a zero-to-one security and IT program. See why growing technology companies of all sizes choose Zip to secure their businesses.

Focus on the work that matters

Teams with little to no resources for IT, ops, or security shouldn’t be left unprotected. With Zip, our software and service handles:

Powerful integrations

Seamless operations

Robust automated security

  • Procure licenses and stand up ready-to-use instances for best-in-class security tools
  • Integrate instantly with your identity provider, device management, and endpoint threat detection software
  • Co-management to provide an optimized software layer while giving you full access to the underlying tools
  • Enroll devices seamlessly across macOS and Windows to build a full picture of users, devices, and endpoints
  • Wiping, locking, and recovering devices at your fingertips
  • Reporting and logging for high level metrics with detailed tracking
  • Deploy security measures and keep them compliant behind the scenes
  • Detect, alert, and triage threats
  • Enforce compliance frameworks in one-click workflows

Security that scales with you

Zip partners with tech startups of all sizes. We’ll work with you to find the package that best supports you.

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"The Zip Security team has been terrific to work with - from initial onboarding to configuring controls and lightning-fast support - I'd highly recommend them for any high-growth company."

Eric Schwartz
Conductor AI
Conductor AI

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