Zip for

Consumer Packaged Goods

Don’t let regulations get in the way of great products

Satisfy your required compliance frameworks and regulations in one click. See why consumer goods and manufacturing companies choose Zip to secure their businesses.

Simple to use, powerful behind the scenes.

Quickly stand up best-in-class security tooling and deploy industry-standard compliance frameworks. Zip covers all of the following and more, so that you can focus on delivering quality products to your customers.

Streamlined Fortune 100 compliance

Seamless operations

Do-it-all tool

  • Easy setup and deployment customizable to Fortune 100 requirements and other compliance frameworks
  • Continuous monitoring and patching of policies and updates
  • Enroll devices seamlessly across macOS and Windows to build a full picture of users, devices, and endpoints
  • Wiping, locking, and recovering devices at your fingertips
  • Reporting and logging for high level metrics with detailed tracking
  • Seamless integration with IT and operations workflows
  • Security policy deployment and zero-touch management
  • Endpoint threat detection, prevention, and alerting

Never stress about compliance again

Offload your IT, security, and compliance to Zip for a software based solution with face-to-face support — no experience required.

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