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Take ownership of your security, IT, and compliance workflows through Zip’s robust integrations and opinionated automation.

Zip app featuring the overview page

Harmonized view of your accounts, sessions, and devices all in one place

Zip app MDM control screen
Instantly deploy and enforce pre-configured security controls
Zip app featuring the reports page
Out of the box reporting and audit log
Zip app featuring the CrowdStrike triage page
One-click CrowdStrike deployment with threat prevention, device control, and triaging
Zip app featuring the device page
Seamless integration with IT - device off-boarding, app management, and more
Trusted by companies across industries

A security and IT solution you can feel great about

Vector illustration showing Zip workflows

Set it and forget it workflows

Automate best-practice security controls so that all devices, endpoints, and accounts stay secure.
Graphic showing HIPAA compliance

One-click compliance

Ace your compliance audits, faster. We instantly deploy common frameworks such as HIPAA, NIST, SOC2, and ISO.
Vector illustration of reports

Full transparency with built-in reporting

Visualize and track any changes to your organization’s security posture with our built-in charts and logging.
Vector illustration of IT management

Integrate seamlessly with IT

Manage your security and IT operations hand-in-hand with smooth employee on/offboarding, app management, and inventory tracking.

Built to scale with you

Vector illustrations showing cross-platform parity

Cross-platform consistency

All of your devices and identities are managed in one place. No need to juggle different tools and configurations for Windows and Mac.
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No technical expertise required

We’ve simplified the technical work so that anyone can secure their business, whether you have a one-person IT department or a team of experts.
Zip integrations

Keep using best-in-class tools

Zip provides you with top-notch security tooling all behind a single pane of glass. We integrate with your identity provider, device management, and endpoint detection software.
Our Customers

"Zip’s platform allowed us to implement a single source of truth for endpoint protection and compliance overnight. [...] The tools Zip provides allow us to identify and manage endpoint inventory and quickly generate evidence for SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliance needs."

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Chad Brustin
InfoSec Director at

"Working with [the Zip] team has helped us put security on rails at our company and build our culture of security. They are very active in engaging with us and building out our feature requests as we build our business alongside theirs."

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Shane Ahern
Software Engineering Manager at
Pine Park Health

"The Zip Security team has been terrific to work with - from initial onboarding to configuring controls and lightning-fast support - I'd highly recommend them for any high-growth company"

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Eric Schwartz

Building an Effective Cybersecurity Awareness Program: A Key Component for Organizational Security

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What is Zip?
Zip is your single partner to procure, deploy, configure, and manage your enterprise security program. We buy your software licenses for the underlying technology and provide a user-friendly interface with opinionated security and IT controls to meet the standards of your customers, insurers, and compliance regimes.
What services do you integrate with?
We support multiple configurations of IDP, MDM, and EDR providers. We currently integrate with GSuite, Okta, AzureAD/Entra ID, Jamf, Intune, and CrowdStrike.
Is Zip software or a service provider?
Zip is a software-first company that additionally provides white-glove customer support from our team of security experts. The Zip web app provides a single pane of glass and friendly interface to manage your security and IT tooling, while our team is always here to support with any questions or requests.
Does Zip overlap or integrate with Vanta or Drata? Can Zip help me pass my compliance audits?
Zip works alongside compliance tools like Vanta and Drata. These tools are read-only and check for compliance, while Zip (and the underlying software Zip integrates) executes and enforces the security controls necessary to get there. Our one-click compliance feature instantly deploys the controls needed to pass your audits smoothly.
Do I need security experience to use Zip?
No— a piece of our company mission is to make cybersecurity more accessible to everyone. Most of our customers have little to no technical background but are able to successfully roll out enterprise-grade security with just a few clicks.
Do you really have one click CrowdStrike deployment?
Yes, over macOS and Windows devices. We also allow you to set up detection, prevention, and USB policies within a few clicks, and you can investigate CrowdStrike detections directly within Zip.
Is Zip compatible with Mac or Windows environments?
Both! We integrate with Jamf and Microsoft Intune to manage both macOS and Windows devices through one unified workflow. This means that you no longer have to juggle multiple tools and configurations to secure all of your devices.
Can I run advanced security programs with Zip?
Yes - we believe in empowering you with the ability to extend your security program beyond the Zip app. You'll still have access the Jamf, Intune, and/or CrowdStrike licenses so that you can do anything those tools can do, alongside the streamlined automation and time-saving workflows that Zip adds.

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