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Our Company Culture

Succeed as a collective

We want to create a successful company – but not at the cost of culture. We value each other and want to create a culture where our people are not only “working in a fast-paced, challenging, environment” but are also (and more importantly) happy, learning, and able to contribute. We want our employees to learn, grow, and have career satisfaction

High trust, high autonomy

No one likes being micromanaged. We value autonomy and trust our employees to get the job done. We add communication here to emphasize that high autonomy and high trust doesn’t mean no support. Supporting our employees and creating a great culture is a top priority. Thoughtful communication in tandem with high ownership is key to not just building a successful culture, but also external collaboration with customers and internal teams.

Transparency, equity, empathy

Honest, empathetic feedback is kind. It gives your co-workers the opportunity to grow and become the best versions of themselves. We value frequent, well-structured, fair feedback – feedback that directly relates activities to outcomes, and allows us all to move forward together, better.

Move fast, don’t break things

We’re a start-up: we need to move fast and be able to pivot at a moment’s notice. But we don’t want to break things and want to balance being fast with being thoughtful and intentional about how we build our software.

Assume best intent

We are a team working together to make enterprise cybersecurity easy. We will face hard problems together, and assuming best intentions of coworkers is of utmost importance to building a great culture.

Balance in everything

Whether it’s work/life balance or moving fast/building right balance, understanding the tradeoffs in a start-up and making sure to strike the right balance is necessary. We continuously evaluate our decisions in a data-driven way and aim to make sure we are always getting better.

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