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Meet HIPAA and protect your patients’ PHI

Get compliant in one click with pre-configured workflows. See why health providers and health tech companies choose Zip to secure their businesses.

Provide quality healthcare without your security burden.

Protecting patient data shouldn’t be an obstacle to providing the best care. Rest easy knowing that Zip has your back with:

Zero-to-one HIPAA Compliance

Breach and Threat Prevention

Identity-first data security

  • Easy setup and deployment customized to HIPAA and other compliance frameworks
  • Continuous monitoring and patching of policies and updates
  • Media control through CrowdStrike manages connected device policies
  • Secure device management ensures safe device sharing between providers
  • Management across accounts, access controls, and third-party apps
  • Seamless integration between identity providers, MDM, and antivirus software

Never stress about security or IT again

Offload your IT, security, and compliance to Zip for a software based solution with face-to-face support — no experience required.

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“Working with [the Zip] team has helped us put security on rails at our company and build our culture of security. They are very active in engaging with us and building out our feature requests as we build our business alongside theirs.”

Shane Ahern
Software Engineering Manager
Pine Park Health
Pine Park Health

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