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Defense and Critical Industries

Security is mission critical

Meet and maintain compliance with regulations in just a few clicks. See why defense and defense technology companies choose Zip to secure their businesses.

Critical work deserves best-in-class security.

For an industry with strict requirements, defense and public sector security can come at a high cost - unless you’re using Zip. With a single tool, you can accomplish all of the following and more.

Zero-to-one NIST 800-171 Compliance

Endpoint and device security on autopilot

Do-it-all tool

  • Instant deployment of compliance frameworks with continuous patching
  • Reporting and detailed logging to ace audits and measure compliance
  • One-Click CrowdStrike deployment, alerting, and threat prevention
  • Fine-tuned USB policies
  • Automated CrowdStrike updates
  • Seamless integration with IT and operations workflows
  • Identity-first access control and management
  • Security policy deployment and zero-touch management

Security, IT, and operations done right

Zip brings industry standard policies to your fingertips so that attaining compliance will never slow you down.

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"The Zip Security team has been terrific to work with - from initial onboarding to configuring controls and lightning-fast support - I'd highly recommend them for any high-growth company."

Eric Schwartz
Conductor AI
Conductor AI

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Built by a team experienced at securing government systems. Learn more about how Zip can streamline your IT, security, and compliance burden.