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We’re Excited to Unveil our New Branding!

We're excited to unveil our revamped branding, break down the design process, and explore the values and story behind Zip.
Written by
Christina Boyer
Published on
March 25, 2024

We’re always excited to release our latest blog post, but we are particularly excited for this one…

2024 has been a busy year already at Zip, and as a team, we have been thrilled to watch our product evolve and our customer base grow. We have made significant investments in building out our product and expanding the scope of our offerings. With this growth, we have also seen evolution of our company, brand identity, and messaging. The latest evolution we’re excited to share with you is the latest iteration of our brand!

What We Want Our Brand and Identity to Capture

Our process wasn't just about changing logos and colors—it was about capturing the values and essence of Zip. We took this as an opportunity to take stock and evaluate the core values that define us as a company and consider how our branding can best reflect that.

Who We Are

Zip Security was founded with the mission to make cybersecurity accessible to all. More often than not, there is a department-of-one responsible for protecting an organization of 100+ people, who is expected to know how to configure, manage, and deploy many different technical tools to keep their company secure. The Zip platform helps automate as much of this process as possible without needing to learn how to use yet another piece of security software, to let internal teams focus on the things that matter most: protecting their company.

Our Values

Through collaborative roundtable exercises and efforts led by our lead designer, we identified the core values that define us: approachability, reliability, and deep expertise in cybersecurity. In essence, we wanted our branding to convey that “we’ve got your back,” serving as your partner in securing your organization against cyber threats. We’re still the same Zip, just with a more confident and cohesive identity and positioning.

Introducing Our Updated Brand

Today, we're happy to share the changes we’ve made to unify our brand to best reflect who we are as a business. Our new visual identity represents a fresh chapter—and we couldn’t be more excited for where this will take us.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

  • Our style is defined as simple, sleek, and timeless. We’re redefining security in a modern way—without chasing trends. Our impact comes through our simplicity.
  • Our colors reflect warm neutrals balanced with a distinguishable, bright, and energetic orange accent color to help our brand stand out.
  • We emphasize flat vectors, simple lines, and clean finishes. As with our work, the ability to convey complexity in an approachable and universal manner is how we want to operate.
  • Our new logo reinvents the secure, interlocked aspect of our name and core values in a more balanced and accessible way.

A sample from our new styling guide

We had so much fun executing our rebrand and taking the time to step back and consolidate our values and purpose as a business. A specific shoutout goes to Cindy Huang, our lead designer (and founding frontend engineer!), for her creative vision and spearheading the efforts. As we look ahead, we’re excited for where this journey will take us next.

Stay tuned for more updates and adventures from the Zip Security team!

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